LINUX PAGE - for Brisbane's linux small business computer IT support

Linux is a server grade general purpose operating system

At Truitsupport we use Linux as a cost effective way to support small business.

We use Linux to provide inter branch communications.

We use Linux servers in Businesses with a Microsoft orientation to provide greater security and reliability.

By compartmentalising, meaning that internet apps such as web browsing and email use SELinux instead of MS Windows, risks of attack by Ransomware, Banking, Zero day Virus, Malware and bad updates are usually eliminated.

Necessary MS Windows apps are isolated in a linux virtual environment which is hardened from attack and run faster than conventional installations.

We also virtualise Windows servers within Linux to provide greater reliability.

Linux does not require costly licensing. Most major business run Linux in their organisations.

With Linux systems you can control your own data and share it safely.

With Linux you get greater security and greater bang for your buck

GNU/Linux runs on more than half the servers in the world, on 98 % of all the High Performance (Super Computers) systems in the world.

GNU/Linux is also the most used system in embedded system design.


Rigid authentication protects from unwanted intrusion


Your business data is safe but accessible.


More productivity yields better business results.

Licensing costs reduced.